For those who want to buy Stanozolol

A tool was developed for use in veterinary medicine, but today it is widely used by athletes to increase the efficiency of training. Given the softer effect of Boldenon at high power, in comparison with other AAS groups, many bodybuilders, athletes, powerlifter, prefer to buy Stanozolol to increase high -quality muscle mass. Another advantage of the drug is the lack of a tendency to aromatization, which provides a good result with minimal risks of the manifestation of side effects.

Pharmacological properties Stanozolol

Stanozolol has a low androgenic and high anabolic effect. The pharmacological effect of altered testosterone consists in suppressing follicle -stimulating and luteotropic hormones. Stanozolol has properties that improve hematopoiesis. A molecule of testosterone with a reduced androgenic effect (due to the presence of an additional connection between carbon atoms) does not contain a methyl group. Due to this, the product does not transform into estrogen and practically does not carry toxic effects on the body.

The anabolic effect consists in stimulating protein synthesis by accumulating phosphorus, sulfur, potassium and other trace elements necessary to ensure this process. The introduction of an injection drug causes an increase in appetite. Proper nutrition, combined with the drug and intensive training, ensures rapidly building muscle mass without rollback.


If you carefully study the instructions with the description Stanozolol, it becomes clear that in human medicine it is not used. It is prescribed to bodybuilders, powerlifters and other Silovik athletes to increase the effectiveness of training and get the following effects:

  • increasing a large amount of muscle mass;
  • the formation of rigid and venous muscles;
  • increased power indicators and endurance;
  • burning fat deposits.

The drug is great for drying use. Given the low androgenic index, women can use it for stable extension of beautiful muscles.

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Contraindications to reception Stanozolol

Steroid is not recommended to athletes who have problems with high pressure, cardiovascular system, and impaired renal and liver functions are diagnosed.

With an unauthorized increase in the dosage and such negative effects as::

  • increased oily skin;
  • excessive sweating;
  • acne and acne.

In order to reduce the possibility of unwanted consequences before buying the drug Stanozolol to England and begin to inject injections, you need to consult with a coach or sports doctor.

Dosage (reception course)

The price is quite affordable for Stanozolol, and its effectiveness is higher than that of many other anabolic and androgenic steroids. In order for the result of receiving the product to be good, it is necessary to observe the dosage assigned by a specialist. Most often, injections are made twice a week, the drug is administered in the amount of 400 mg. Do not continue the course for more than 8-10 weeks.

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